Where to Use JTM Nutrients

JTM Nutrients offers a complete line of granular and liquid products to meet the needs of virtually all professionals in the turf and ornamental industries. From pre-plant, to grow-in and establishment to long term maintenance, we provide products to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our products are particularly valuable to those professionals who have specific needs or are facing difficult to manage issues such as:

> Environmentally sensitive areas such as coastlines or iiiiwetlands where run-off and leaching concerns must be iiiiaddressed

> Locations with particularly poor soil quality, such as high
iiisalts, poor drainage, high compaction or low fertility, and iiiother products have failed to provide the desired results

> High traffic areas such as soccer or other sports fields,
iiiipublic parks or universities where maximum iiiiwear resistance and recovery are essential

> Newly planted, refurbished or over-seeded areas where
iiiitime constraints demand the shortest possible iiiiestablishment periods