JTM Humic-Kelp
Organic Soil Conditioner

 JTM Humic-Kelp is formulated to provide an all organic source of stable organic carbon, humic acids, and Sea Kelp. It is intended for use on turf and ornamentals as well as native plants, succulents and consumable crops. Use as either a pre-plant amendment or applied over-the-top, Humic-Kelp promotes healthier soils and plants by balancing the Carbon/Nitrogen ratio and promoting beneficial microbial activity.

Primary Benefits:
> Stimulates beneficial biological activity in the soil
> Provides stable organic carbon to balance nitrogen use
> Contains Norwegian Sea Kelp meal which increases root mass and provides essential iiiivitamins, hormones and minerals
> Increases vital protein and carbohydrate levels in plants

JTM Humic-Kelp Also:
> Improves fertilizer uptake efficiencies
> Improves nutrient availability over a wider pH range
> Naturally cleanses soil of toxic residues
> Reverses the damage caused by the use of animal based products and those with iiiiimbalanced carbon/nitrogen content

JTM Humic-Kelp does not contain animal proteins or high levels of heavy metals and salts associated with animal by-products.
Net weight 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) 
Use only as directed. Made in the USA.