JTM Aqua Humic Extract
Liquid Organic Soil Conditioner

 JTM Aqua Humic Extract 1-0-0  is JTM’s  Flagship liquid soil conditioner. It is formulated for use on turf, ornamentals and consumables. This highly concentrated liquid provides essential humic acids, and natural plant extracts. Aqua Humic Extract also contains Norwegian Sea Kelp extract to promote beneficial soil microbes.

Primary Benefits:
> A superb liquid source of of high-energy carbon sugars
> Instantly improves the carbon/nitrogen ratio
> Stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil
> Effectively combats Black-Layer
> Triggers thatch-degrading organisms
> Supplies essential growth hormones (Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins and Manitols)
> Eases plant stress
> Fortified with sea-kelp extract to maximize root depth, root mass, and root  initiation

JTM Aqua Humic Extract Also:
> Buffers and neutralizes harmful salts Chelates nutrients for enhanced plant absorption >Improves fertilizer uptake efficiencies
> Naturally cleanses soil of damaging chemical residues 
> Naturally balances soil pH 
> Lowers EC, increases CEC

Aqua Humic Extract 1-0-0 does not contain animal proteins or high levels of heavy metals and salts associated with animal by-products.
Net Contents 2.5 GAL (9.46 Liters) / Net Weight 23 lbs. (10.5 kg). 
Use only as directed. Made in the USA.