JTM Nutrients has been providing products formulated specifically for Southern California Soils, and services since 2006. Our mission is to foster the knowledge and growth of fertilization practices that reduce the over-use of nitrogen by providing effective, affordable, environmentally pro-active fertilizers and soil conditioners that promotes soil health which allows your plant life to thrive.

Tim Deutscher

 Tim is the Co-owner and Horticultureral Specialist who earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Ornamental Horticulture, with a minor in Turfgrass Management. In the twenty years prior to founding JTM Nutrients, Tim worked as the golf course superintendent at several Southern California courses including; Newport Beach Country Club, Pelican Hill Golf Club and Mission Viejo Country Club.

Rebecca Deutscher

Rebecca is the Co-Owner and Operations Manager at JTM Nutrients.  Rebecca's background includes more than 25 years experience in facilities management, operations management, sales & marketing, training, executive administration, accounting and IT.  She spent the better part of her career working in customer relations in various retail and executive management positions in such places as HQ Global Workplace, Old Navy, DSW, and Best Buy.