Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners

Formulated Specifically for Southern California

What your Soil needs....

What your Plant life wants

Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners
Formulated Specifically for Southern California

JTM Nutrients combines the highest quality nutrients with highly fertile organic amendments to simultaneously feed the plant and improve the soil.  This fertiliizer/organic carbon approach unlocks exceptional growth potential. Unlike many organic fertilizers, our products do not contain animal by-products which are often high in salts and heavy metals.
Feed the Soil and the Soil Will Feed the Plant

Organic Based & Nutrient Laced 

By combiniing 'Plant Derived' organic materials with high quality synthetic nutrients JTM provides superior plant and soil response while also being Eco-friendly.

The Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio

Soil Microbes are highly sensitive to the C/N ratio in the soil. Too much nitrogen and not enough carbon is bad... very bad. The humic shale ore in our prouducts provides the necessary organic carbon to create the ideal balance.

Happy Microbes=Happy Plants

Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes in the soil.  The plants provide food for the microbes and the microbes increase the fertility of the soil for the plants.

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